How to Create Skype for Business Meetings in Outlook

Publication date : Jan 18, 2018

Last Published: Apr 08, 2021

Written by: Payam Pourkhomami, President & CEO, OSIbeyond

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Read Time : 1 minute

In this short video, we’re going to show you how to create Skype for Business meeting in Outlook, where you can configure online meeting settings, and how to auto admit attendees.

Schedule a Skype for Business meeting

  1. Open your Outlook Calendar, click the Home tab, and click new Skype meeting. (If you are in Skype for Business (Lync) mode, this button still says new Skype meeting.
  2. Complete the meeting request just like you normally would.

Set meeting options

You can set some meeting options in Outlook before you even send the meeting request – like who will be able to get into the meeting directly and who has to wait in the virtual lobby.

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