Nonprofit Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services

To successfully operate a nonprofit organization, you’ll need a Technology Partner to guide you.

You must have a strategic technology plan to streamline your organization’s growth and be prepared to address the real cyber risks and liabilities that can be avoided, but not ignored.

Keeping up with the latest technology innovation goes hand in hand with keeping your donor/member information safe, protecting sensitive data, and improving your staff’s technology experience.

Contact our team to schedule a meeting, learn how to enhance your technology ecosystem, and together we’ll improve your cybersecurity posture with our Managed IT Services for nonprofits.

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Technology Is Driving Process and Management, But Not Everyone Is Ready.

According to the Salesforce Nonprofit Trends Report, 69% find sharing data across departments to be difficult.

Technology Services to Power Nonprofits

With the shift to full remote or hybrid work model post pandemic, Nonprofits need to adopt a Digital-First technology strategy to enable and empower their staff to conduct business efficiently and securely to progress their mission.

Whether it is easily accessing and sharing data from anywhere, protecting intellectual property and member/donor information, or streamlining business processes, OSIbeyond will develop a strategic technology plan for your organization.

We help implement new cybersecurity technologies and provide support for nonprofits on an ongoing basis.

Develop Strategic Technology Plan

Implement Cloud First Model

Enhance Cybersecurity Posture

Develop Policies & Procedures

Protect Sensitive Data


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CMMC Registered Provider Organization

OSIbeyond specializes in CMMC compliance and is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) authorized by the CMMC accreditation body (Cyber-AB) to provide consulting services to DoD contractors seeking CMMC certification. In addition, with multiple Registered Practitioners (RP) available on staff, we have the credentials and expertise to guide your organization in becoming CMMC audit ready and maintaining compliance post certification.


6 Critical Cybersecurity Policies Every Organization Must Have

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