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Comprehensive Managed IT Services
backed by world-class customer service
in Washington D.C., MD, and VA.
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OSIbeyond provides comprehensive Managed IT Services to organizations in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area including IT Help Desk Support, Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity, and Technology Strategy. Whether your organization is seeking to fully outsource all IT operations or supplement existing internal IT staff, OSIbeyond possesses the capabilities to accommodate solutions of varying scale.

Our entire portfolio of Managed IT Services are backed by world-class customer service and our insatiable desire to nurture long-lasting partnerships with our clients. When you select OSIbeyond, you get more than a technology provider; you gain a technology partner.

We pride ourselves on having long-term relationships with our clients. Our mission is to be your technology partner, and not just an outsourced IT company. Our goal is to achieve the following key objectives for your organization.

  1. Deliver competent, reliable, and efficient IT operations
  2. Develop and implement a long-term technology strategy
  3. Provide continuous technology consultation to realize long-term goals as defined by the organizational technology strategy.

These objectives when delivered together ensure successful technology management for your organization.

Since 2004, we have been serving small to medium-sized nonprofits, associations, and businesses in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. We have had the privilege of serving amazing organizations over the years, and our success is built on the trust and partnership with our clients. We thrive on the accomplishments of our clients and honored to be part of their mission.

OSIbeyond was founded on the concept of providing our clients a boutique, world-class customer experience. Our clients expect technical competence and deserve extraordinary customer service. We are committed to providing high-end services, and we refuse to compromise on quality.


Read why organizations in the Washington D.C. metro area trust OSIbeyond with Managed IT Services.

...professional on every level.

The Conservation Fund

It’s been fantastic, enterprise class support, and professional on every level. I can tell the systems they have in place for managing IT operations are world-class. They have solid methods to solving problems and just great in dealing with people.
David Williams Vice President of Technology, CIO

...reliable, knowledgeable and affordable...

National Association of Secondary School Principals

We have a reliable, knowledgeable and affordable partner in OSI.
Meta Tshilombo Director of Information Services

The value we get from OSI ... is just extraordinary.

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

The value we get from OSI, the entire package, is just extraordinary. It is a lot of bang for your buck. It may not be the cheapest solution out there, but there is the adage of you get what you pay for. I think that the customer service, the knowledge, the ability to inter-relate with the client and to think strategically and proactively for us on these issues are valuable.
Justin Darisse Vice president, communications

...I spend a lot less time worrying.


We’re on a journey with you all so we don’t feel like we’re doing this by ourselves. For me personally, I spend a lot less time worrying.
Diane Pappafotis Vice President, Information & Operations Solutions

They really come in to learn what people are looking for and provide them that type of service.

National Community Reinvestment Coalition

OSIbeyond’s willingness to work with organizations to provide the services they need is one of their strengths. It’s not a one size fits all approach. They really come in to learn what people are looking for and provide them that type of service.
Kevin Sall Director Information Technology

...OSIbeyond stays on top of everything.

Employees Club of California

We’ve found that OSIbeyond has taken the lead when we’ve got problems instead of us being the middleman. Having everything in one place is great because OSIbeyond stays on top of everything. This makes is easier for us to manage the relationship and frees us to work on more pressing matters.
Alan Bound Business Analyst