Cyber Security

As cyber threats become more widespread and sophisticated, organizations can no longer ignore the risks they present. As demonstrated by many high-profile cyber-attacks (Sony, OPM, Target, Anthem BCBS, Home Depot, etc.) a cyber breach can have a devastating impact to an organization including damage to customer/member trust, reputation, and direct financial losses. Cybersecurity is now an essential component of any organization’s technology operations.

OSIbeyond provides security oversight using a multi-step process. First, by implementing simple but highly effective preventative measures through the Enhanced Security Services (ESS). These are designed to deliver a holistic approach by adding multiple layers of security to an organization’s technology systems. Second, by taking a proactive approach through ongoing Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) to identify potential risks, remediate vulnerabilities, and assist with regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Security Services (ESS) includes:

  • Advanced Email Security
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) includes:

  • Live monitoring of exposures
  • Response at the moment of impact
  • Lockdown of shifting endpoints
  • Implementation of secure configurations
  • Simplified compliance
  • Monthly Reporting