Going Virtual with Unified Communications

Publication date: May 02, 2017

Last Published: Apr 15, 2020

Written by: Payam Pourkhomami, President & CEO, OSIbeyond

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AMSUS Implements eXos Unified Communications Solution by OSIbeyond

AMSUS’ leadership decided to take the association into the virtual world by having staff work full time from home offices. AMSUS transitioned to a virtual office with OSIbeyond’s eXos Unified Communications. Based on Microsoft Skype for Business, eXos UC enabled staff to better communicate and collaborate from different physical locations.

The existing phone system was limited and made it difficult for staff to work from home. OSIbeyond’s eXos UC delivered several key benefits:

  1. Solved remote teleworking issues
  2. Reduced overhead by implementing a virtual office model
  3. Enhanced staff communication and collaboration

“Our work from home policy was drafted knowing the system was already in place and the capabilities it would provide. With the assistance of our HR consultant we built the new policies around the capabilities of the eXos Unified Communications package.”

– Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant

Complicated Phone System Limited Telework Capabilities for AMSUS

Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant at AMSUS described the frustrations of the old phone system including difficulty in forwarding calls from the auto attendant to a live person, complicated programming of the phone using buttons, and only the administrator being able to make any programming changes.

 “We had some staff that teleworked one day a week and having them forward their desk phones to their cell phone or home phone was problematic with our IP Office system and those days we really didn’t communicate unless it was by email.”

– Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant

The Solution

AMSUS required a solution that would allow them to eliminate their office space and ensured that staff could work effectively from home. OSIbeyond’s eXos Unified Communications platform offered a truly unified and fully integrated communications solution consisting of a VoIP hosted PBX phone system, web meeting and conferencing solution, instant messaging and collaboration, and integrated email in one single platform.

“We owned our own building in Bethesda, MD… It was no longer good business to own our building… so we began looking into options… I first looked at the eXos Unified Communications package as an option for when we moved into a smaller workspace. Why install a more traditional wired phone system if there were better options?”

– Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant

 By the time AMSUS made the decision to go virtual, every staff member already had a company laptop, and an internet connection was all they needed to setup their home office. The organization purchased printers, scanners and office furniture of their choice.

“We made the decision to provide everyone a USB headset to use, or staff could opt to use the mic and speakers built into the computers… and with that we eliminated the need for a desk phone or having to purchase cell phones.”

– Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant

The Deployment

Deploying eXos Unified Communications is relatively easy and does not significantly disrupt the staff or the organization.

“We wanted to keep our same DID numbers so OSIbeyond worked with the service provider to port over the numbers…OSIbeyond had installed the software and provided basic user instructions so staff could be “ready”. We had the written user instructions and OSIbeyond provided a live training session for the entire staff. And once those numbers ported over, the system was live and our computers started ringing.”

– Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant

OSIbeyond has provided AMSUS with continuing support for the eXos Unified Communications solution. AMSUS employees, already possessing a diverse range of technical skillsets, rapidly adopted the new platform once initial training was completed.

AMSUS Implements Virtual Office Model with OSIbeyond’s Platform

Since implementing the eXos UC, AMSUS has sold their office building and moved to a virtual office model with staff working from home. The new solution has aided staff collaboration and ensured a smooth transition to a virtual model.

“Our IM and phone conversations are very productive…the disruptions are less…and being able to share screens has been a huge benefit. We practiced with each other as we learned how to use the system. We wanted our move to the virtual environment to be transparent to everyone…and we have been successful with that.”

– Diane Condrick, Executive Assistant

In addition, AMSUS staff have enjoyed valuable new collaboration features offered by the solution. “We no longer need a conference call service or a conference bridge system…each staff member has their own conference call line and can set up their own calls, the ability to share screens and having virtual staff meetings.” – Diane Condrick.
 The most important reasons AMSUS would recommend the eXos Unified Communication to other nonprofits and associations are the flexibility it provides to staff and the very high quality of OSIbeyond’s customer service. – Diane Condrick


AMSUS, a non-profit educational association with a staff of 9, has been in operation since 1891. AMSUS was chartered by Congress in 1903 to advance the knowledge of all health professionals in federal medicine.

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