How to Select a Primary Audio Device in Skype for Business

Publication date : Jan 07, 2018

Last Published: Jan 19, 2020

Written by: Payam Pourkhomami, President & CEO, OSIbeyond

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Read Time : 1 minute
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In this training video, we’re going to show you how to set you primary audio device in Skype for Business.

Selecting a primary audio device in Skype for Business

  1. Click the “Select Primary Device” button on the bottom left of Skype for Business à Click Audio Device Settings
  2. Select your primary Audio device from the list. ** If you’re using a headset, make it is plugged in and/or turned on.
  3. Set the appropriate Speaker, Microphone and Ringer volumes. You can test the Call Quality by clicking the Check Call Quality button. It will ask you to record a short message, so you can replay it.

Click OK once you’ve set all the options.

  1. Make sure your headset’s volume is turned up to an appropriate volume. To do this, go to the bottom right of your desktop to the System Tray and click the Volume button

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