How To Record Audio During A Skype for Business Meeting

Publication date : Aug 31, 2018

Last Published: Apr 08, 2021

Written by: Payam Pourkhomami, President & CEO, OSIbeyond

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In this training video, we’re going to show you how to start an audio recording during a Skype for Business meeting.

  • To get started, join a Skype for Business meeting.
  • Once in a meeting select the three dots at the bottom right of the panel.
  • Then, select “start recording.”
  • Be sure to ask for permission before starting a recording as an icon will appear to everyone in the meeting showing that recording has begun.
  • When you’re finished recording the meeting, navigate back to the three dots and select “stop recording.
  • The recording will require 5-30 minutes, depending on the size of the audio file, to encode and save on your computer.
  • To view the progress of the recording select “managed recordings”.

Once this process is complete the audio file will be available in your Skype for Business call recordings.

You can access this folder by clicking on “browse” in the Skype for Business Recording Manager or by navigating to C:\Users\jfirch\Videos\Recordings

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