IT Strategy

OSIbeyond’s Managed Strategy services take into consideration all aspects of an organization’s technology operations. The process starts with conducting an in-depth Technology Assessment within the first 90 days of onboarding a new client. The assessment is intended to establish a benchmark of the current state of technology within the organization and to develop a three-year technology roadmap. The Technology Assessment is then refreshed every two years to account for new solutions as well as an adjustment for change within the organization. 

Quarterly strategic calls are conducted to review support metrics, day to day operations, and progress on implementation of recommendations from the Technology Assessment. In addition to technical recommendations, the Technology Assessment focuses on establishing IT operational documentation such as policies and procedures. A well-documented IT operation is as important as the technical solutions. 

For organizations with a higher security sensitivity or regulatory compliance requirements, OSIbeyond can conduct an optional in-depth Security Assessment. The assessment focuses on how systems and data are accessed and provides recommendations and best practices to secure information.

Technology is constantly changing, and therefore organizations require a partner that can consistently keep up with advancement in technology. OSIbeyond is continuously researching and developing new solutions. This innovation is then passed on to clients in the form of strategic technology guidance.